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Give your business an Android / IoS or a WebApp

We are a Startup Company! We design and develop solutions in helping you to automate your business, we develop Applications for your Desktop and Mobiles to help you build bridges for your business. Do you want to simplify a cumbersome procedure, or Automate, or exceed your customers expectations? Whatever your desire is you have arrived at a happy place.

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We are seasoned in identifying the issues and spelling out solutions, we are dynamic, versatile, reasonable, clear-minded, out-come and customer oriented, glad to be of service to you, you are that make us tick.


Our Software is quick, lean, and market-focused.

Our products, targeted for web, android, ios are particularly smooth in executing your commands, since we take care in stitching together the seamlessly crisp program and testing done on adequate levels besides seeking your happy consent; we standby you supporting your business out of passion for exceptional customer satisfaction, which clearly goes beyond the billing, you get more from us than what you pay for, for our business belief is business by referrals is sweeter, since it speaks of of our dedication which is beyond comparison.


Pick up where your colleagues left off seamlessly.

Of all the resources available to a person or an organization, Human Resources are most important, however we see that persons have a ‘service-limit’ too! We all do! We are subject to burnout etc. This is the moment all machines come into the picture, machines operate almost relentlessly, need investing periodically or even most of the times once, and they are set to serve their purpose immaculately. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence we can make available services to your Customer round-the-clock! Programming products to respond to the varied needs of end-users in many scenarios helps business’ grow continuously. We offer growth to your business, offering help where our colleagues stop our application step-in.

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At My Super Ride Tech, we ensure your dreams realize. If you see any issue in your business process, we will help you with solutions, if only wish to scale your business up, you are at the right place, ping us and we will give you a super ride to scale your business with solutions. Join us, we are easy to work with, we are creative, we believe in your success and work systematically to achieve results, we are also light on your pocket.

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